20 September 2010

Blessed John Henry Newman

Ora pro nobis!


Fenian said...

Of course, secular society has to attempt to tarnish his name.

National Proletariat Radio has a terrible piece which speculates that Blessed John Henry Newman was gay.


Jane Chantal said...

If only Blessed Cardinal Newman were here to defend himself against these contemptible merchants of insinuation and innuendo. I suspect he would do so with blistering eloquence.

And, since the rumor-mongers admit -- doubtless with much disappointment -- that Bl. Newman was blameless of any wrongdoing, just what is the point these vermin are trying to make? Even were their postulation correct, Newman's life would stand as an example of loving obedience to the teachings of the Church he went much out of his way to embrace over others that have since revealed their counterfeit nature.

am said...

If either Blessed John Henry or dear Father Ambrose or both were homosexual, I think they would be excellent models, as they strove for purity in their lives and put love of God above all. However, I don’t believe they were, so it’s academic. I can usually ignore the garbage certain groups spread about them, but b/c I have such great love and admiration for them, sometimes it angers me.

Well, so much for that.

I was so joyful to be part of a Newman pilgrimage this past week, which included the Beatification Mass, and Solemn Vespers later that night -- I was so happy to venerate and to be blessed with a relic of Father Newman!

I’ve been trying to inform others about him, giving away holy cards, medals, books. I’ve even bought a new license plate frame for my car: Pray for us, Blessed J.H. Newman.


Oh, it's been a wonderful week!