02 September 2010

The More You Know

Ah yes, the televised public service announcement. The question isn't, "What have I learned from NBC?", but rather "What haven't I learned from NBC?" I bring this insipid PSA platform to mind because by blogging I learned a few things about myself this week.

1. It is helpful to read an article to which I link before commenting about it. Not strictly necessary, of course, as the comment's the thing. Right? Right?

2. I don't speak French. I can't speak French. Unless, that is, laughing in French counts.

3. Cajun pork is not for lunch, apparently.

4. People who challenge people to point to any alternative to leftist social engineering when it comes to Catholic charity aren't really that interested in considering it when you do so.

5. I have lived under the "giant pink cloud", as John Zmirak calls it, most of my life.


prekast said...


You 'rube! Cajun pork (with beer) is for breakfast! Just not on Fridays.

cp said...

I just cannot argue with prekast. Cajun pork (with beer) is also for supper, summers at the Oratory, hanging with AAA, weddings... but, not for lunch. boo hoo.

By the way, hide your kids, hide your wife.