23 September 2010

A Thursday Monarchist Quiz

Since we all loved the monarchist post, I thought I would give you this quick pictorial quiz of currently reigning monarchs and also those persons who are considered "pretenders" to thrones today.  Some reign, some ought to, some never will. 

Here's how it works:  I will post several pictures, and you can use the combox to give both the name of the person, and the nation whose throne they currently occupy or claim.  Answers to appear after a while.  Enjoy.

1.  The first is from yesterday:

2.  The next one has also recently been pictured on this site:

3.  You ought to know this one:

4.  Permissive country allows interesting hat:

5.  Will ye nae guess this one:

6.  Tricky:

7.  Downright difficult:

8.  Hint:  reigning co-princes--name both:


dmwallace said...

1) Louis Alphonse Gonzalve Victor Emmanuel Marc de Bourbon (Louis XX of France).

2) Otto von Habsburg, pretender to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

3) Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias (King of Spain)

4) Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, Queen Regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

5) Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Prinz von Bayern (Duke of Bavaria; heir to the House of Stewart; King Francis II of England, France, Scotland, and Ireland)

6) Prince Henri Philippe Pierre Marie d'Orléans, comte de Paris et duc de France (heir of Louis-Philippe, or Charles X, King of France)

7) Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, who, as of this August, became head of the House of Bourbon-Parma.

8) On the left, Archbishop Joan Enric Vives i Sicília, Bishop of Urgell, Co-Prince of Andorra with Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, right, President of the Republic of France.

Gregor said...

1. Luis Alfonso, Duke of Anjou, legitimist claimant of France.

2. Archduke Otto of Austria.

3. King Juan Carlos of Spain.

4. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

5. Prince Franz of Bavaria (also Jacobite heir to the throne of Great Britain).

6. Henri Count of Paris, Orleanist claimant of France.

7. Carlos Xavier, Duke of Parma and Piacenza and Carlist claimant of Spain.

8. Archbishop Joan Enric Vives, Bishop of Urgell, and French President Sarkozy, co-princes of Andorra.

Anonymous said...

#4. Nice retro 1950's lamp shade, but.... hat??? Don't think so.

thetimman said...

Wow, you're all three right!

Some additional info some may find interesting:

Louis XX of France's claim is based upon the traditional application of the Salic law (check out Shakespeare's Henry V for a dramatic reference) and is backed up by certain pronouncements on French monarchical succession by St. Joan of Arc. He also has a plausible claim to the throne of Spain under the much more muddled Carlist succession disputes. Carlos of Bourbon-Parma is from an elder line of that claim, but his father at one point became socialist and this is an odd choice for a very tradicionista line. And there is still a Habsburg pretender to Spain.

Henri VII's claim to France is from the Orleanist line, which line attempted to settle the issue by securing an acknowledgement of legitimacy from a childless legitimist claimant in a past generation. I haven't met any trad who didn't scoff (if his interest was intellectual) or become indignant (if his interest was practical). Don't mention the Orleanist to de Brantgny over at le fleur de lys too if you know what is good for you.

Sure to please latinmassgirl, the President of France-- revolutionary France-- is perhaps the only reigning monarch who is elected by a regular plebiscite of the people ( but alas the people who vote for him are from a different country; sorry, lmg). He is co-prince with the decidedly unelected Catholic Archbishop of Urgell. Go fig.

Louis XX, Juan Carlos, and a few others still claim the title of King of Jerusalem.

Franz (Francis II) is the Jacobite (you may read this as "Catholic" or "real") King of England etc.

So, American would-be monarchists, depending on how far one wants to unwind the threads of time and further depending on your location of residence, your King or Queen could be either:

Francis II of England
Elizabeth II of England
Louis XX of France
Carlos VIII of Spain
Juan Carlos I of Spain

or somebody else.

Anonymous said...

The monarchs might be harder to guess if their names weren't included in the pictures' file names. :)


thetimman said...

Ah, yes, Marissa, but this time that was intentional. I thought this would be harder than it was...

Badger Catholic said...

Ha, maybe Americans should elect their king?

Thanks for the explanation on France, timman. I knew there were competing claims to the throne, but there's no way I could ever sort them out.

Also I thought I heard that after Archduke Otto passes, his son rejected his claim to the throne(Karl or Georg?). Is that true?

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Badger Catholic,

In respect to your suggestion that Americans elect a king, you must know that we did once try.

His name was Jack Kennedy and his political party has been squabbling over the issue of legitimate heirs for forty seven years.

Each year the line of succession gets weaker and weaker.

Monarchy just won't work here. The reason: families like the Kennedys can never stay married long enough to rear children worthy of leadership.

Perhaps the line of succession should devolve to the Schwarzenegger-Shriver branch.

St. Guy

Badger Catholic said...

St Guy: LOL, of course, how could I have forgotten!

Anonymous said...

We have no King but Jesus - James Madison.