15 September 2010

"Why shouldn't we be on the camera, too?"

Indeed.  Interesting question.

Have you ever gone to a sporting event in town and seen the dreadful "Kiss-cam"?  I think of it as sign #23,417 of the end of the world.  In case you don't know that of which I speak, let me describe it to you.  You are at a baseball game, which we all know is not exciting enough for the constant-video-stimulated modern mind to exist on its own.  Therefore, there is the giant video board to command your attention, lest you actually be forced to watch the Cardinals' latest attempt at impersonating a contending team.

At some point or points during the game, this giant video screen pans the crowd for couples, initially unsuspecting, who are put on the spot to perform public displays of affection for the gratification of the crowd.  Not exactly the equal of Roman gladiators sacrificing their lives for mass entertainment.  More like lowest-level patheti-porn.  And such is the power of peer pressure, or perhaps the desire for "fame", that people comply and kiss each other for the amusement of others.  Perhaps some have refused to do so, but I have never seen it. 

My lovely wife Sharon and I have never been the target of this camera, probably because of my appearance frightening children, but if we ever were, I would not perform like a trained monkey for the benefit of the lumpendrunk.

Am I a kill-joy?  Perhaps.  But I shudder to project into the future five years and think of the Mardi Gras-cam.

"But timman," you ask, "what does this have to do with homosexuality?"  Good question.  I'll clue you in.

As any sentient being will have noticed, the homosexual movement is never content with being allowed, or tolerated-- no, It. Must. Be. Celebrated!  Look at me!  Wee!!!!

Thus, the kiss-cam meets the new "civil rights" movement.  STLToday has a story about homosexuals who want to partner with the St. Louis Cardinals to hold an "OUT at the Ballpark" event at the stadium on Saturday.  Predictably, this isn't enough for them.  They. Must. Be. Celebrated!  And what better way to force you to celebrate their gravely disordered "lifestyles" than to make you watch them kiss each other on the Jumbotron?

From the full article:

About 200 gay men and lesbians were planning to partner with the St. Louis Cardinals to hold an "OUT at the Ballpark" afternoon at Busch stadium on Saturday, hoping for nothing more than good weather and an inspiring performance from the Redbirds.

But now members of the group, which was organized by Ethan Barnett of Pride St. Louis, are hoping to get on the team's "kiss cam," to protest what they say is discrimination at sports venues against members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) community.


The idea for a kiss cam moment came about after Sunday's Ram's game against the Arizona Cardinals. During the game, the kiss cam focused on two men in Arizona jerseys who jeered at the camera and made expressions of distaste toward one another.


"We always felt left out because the kiss cam always singles out heterosexual couples," Harrison Roberts said today. Roberts is the manager of Just John's on Manchester Avenue in The Grove, where the official after-party will be held on Saturday following the game.

"Why shouldn't we be on the camera, too?"

I am all for equal rights; in this case, this means the right to avoid watching other people engage in public displays of affection.  Kill the kiss-cam, regardless of the proclivities of the performers, and spare us the ordeal for good. 


Peggy said...

In NoVa, we were around the corner from an apt complex. It had gotten to the point that some apt residents were parking in front of our home. We complained to the apt managers. Not much progress. Eventually, a young guy who turned out to have a gay lover was parking in front of our home. I wasn't happy with that. We had little babies. [And a house of illegal aliens as well nearby. Another issue! We enjoy the midwest needless to say.]

I had never said anything, but saw them. One day the young gay guys started making out in front of our house on the sidewalk. I opened the front door and yelled at them not to do that in front of our home. I called the local police. They did not come out, but they took my call and didn't insult me. I imagine they were just being polite. I suppose if there had been something more overtly lewd (than making out) or some nudity, perhaps they would have come out.

In any case, I guess he moved eventually. There's always turn-over in apt's.

StGuyFawkes said...

Major League ball parks are extremely vulnerable to self-marketers who use things like the Kiss-CAM to sneak in adverts.

About fifteen years ago an ecdysist from a "nightclub" in Sauget, Illinois was escorted by the police for her self-display. The same chain of "nightclubs" occasionally sends their "performers" out to ballparks hoping to get them on camera, sometimes, ironically next to a sign that reads "John 3:16."

I expect similar tactics from our local LBGT activists.

doughboy said...

yet another reason to forego the ballpark. i haven't been to a cards game since labor day '92, cuz i won't spend more than $20 for admission. :p