23 October 2010

Big Find! Video Footage of Early Interreligious Dialogue


StGuyFawkes said...


Of course it's one of the greatest movies of all time. Enthusiasts of this pathbreaking film which created the genre of "slob humor", often note the Catholic blue collar versus Protestant white collar subtext in the story. All the caddies and waitresses are Irish or Italian Catholics. The Bushwick club members, with the exception of Rodney Dangerfield, are Wasps.

My two favorite lines come from the Irish waitress, Maggie, who seduces our hero, Noonan, with the words "Why'ownt ya come up 'n help me sart me holy card callexion." The next best line arrives when Maggie tells Noonan to stay away from Judge Smail's niece because, "Sheees tha whora Park AVenoo or SO I bin told."

The very best line, although it's not my favorite, is given by Spaulding, the Judge's grandson, who looks at Noonan's nautical outfit and puts him down as a social climber by saying "Ahoy polloi" which readers of classic Greek will recognize as a clever pun on "hoi polloi" which in Plato refers to "the many" that is, the vulgar, grimy, mob.

Caddyshack was inspired by the Murray brothers actual summers as Caddys in a Chicago country club.

Caddyshack is the finest if not the only cinematic expression of Catholic blue collar anger at the protestant establishment. When Noonan finally sinks his putt to win $80,000 from Judge Smails, the joyous Caddies race across the field to the accompaniment of thq 1812 Overture. Anyone with even a dim eye for composition will notice that the female leading the caddy mob carries a flag from the green, and the arrangement of the characters is just a little like Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People" which celebrated the 1830 July Revolution in France.

Father G said...

Bill Murray at his best!