22 October 2010

Carnahan Smear Machine in High Gear against Catholic Candidate

I have hesitated to post on this subject, due to the focus of this blog and also due to my relative disillusionment with much of what passes for the two-party system.  But I have to post something.  Ed Martin, a Catholic running for Congress against Russ Carnahan, has been smeared by Carnahan's camp in a most despicable way.

It seems that Carnhahan, whose hypocrisy and irony meters are broken, the bought-and-paid-for tool of the baby-killers, is now blaming Ed Martin for the problem of pedophile priests.  You see, says Carnahan's "investigator", Ed Martin "shielded" pedophile priests while he was the head of the Archdiocesan Human Rights Office under Cardinal Rigali.

The only problem with this accusation is that Ed Martin had absolutely no authority over any priest in his job position, and there is no evidence he colluded with anyone who did.  In short, the accusation amounts to this-- Ed Martin is a Catholic who worked for the Archdiocese.  There were pedophile priests.  Therefore he MUST be responsible somehow.  Compounding the sleaziness factor is not only the timing of the "revelation", less than two weeks prior to election day, but also the fact that this was sprung as a "news" story expose by the Carnahan of journalists, Charles Jaco. 

Planned Parenthood's favorite son hits a new low.  Hey, Russ, how many millions of babies' blood is on the money you get from that grisly crew?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't catch this entire ad today. I heard something about a Catholic candidate. I knew Ed Martin had worked for the archdiocese from some of his own ads. This is despicable. It's bad enough that holy priests and bishops bear the burden of their brethren's sins, but now, a layman. Indeed, I am grateful that you posted on this.

The last refuge (or first attack) of all who are against Rome is the abuse of children slander. It always comes down to it in the end.