04 October 2010

Catholic Herald Article on the Transalpine Redemptorists

I thought I would post a link to an article in the Catholic Herald (UK) about the process and aftermath of the decision by the Transalpine Redemptorists (now known as the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer) to reconcile with Rome after years of affiliation with the SSPX.

It shows that following one's conscience in the difficult times the Church has endured these last 45 years is not always easy.  And it highlights not only how people of good faith on both sides of the SSPX question can disagree over some pretty fundamental questions, but also that we should all try to extend fraternal charity among all of the traditional groups as the Holy Father continues to try to bring about a just and lasting resolution.

In other words, I do not want to slam the SSPX.  Though their disappointment with the FSSR's actions was no doubt acute, it is difficult to see the relations between former friends and colleagues so strained.  And also the SSPX has endured its share of unfair treatment over the years-- and its position vis-a-vis the Mass has been vindicated.  However, I will venture to say that the plight of some of the "approved" congregations is in some ways worse.  Not only do they no longer (or perhaps never did) have the support of the largest traditional Catholic society, they are largely rejected as crackpots or worse by the clergy and laity of the Church.  It can sometimes feel like a thin branch-- but it always pays to remember Who is the Vine.

I ask readers to pray often for the success of the doctrinal discussions between Rome and the Society. 

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