18 October 2010


 ...to the Oratory of SS. Gregory and Augustine, who prevailed over the "Blue Birettas" of St. Francis de Sales Oratory in the Inaugural St. Lawrence Gridiron Classic, 42-21.  These photos are courtesy of Mary S., one of the hundreds-- and I mean hundreds-- of family, friends, and tailgating friends who represented a great Catholic cultural tour-de-force on a beautiful Fall Sunday.

The game was hard-fought, but no one was hurt, least of all me.  When I woke up this morning able to walk, I considered it a definitive success.  Everybody had a great time, and better luck to the Blue Birettas next year.

At prayer

Go Blue Birettas!  banner courtesy of the SFDS homeschool co-op

Have you ever seen a priest run routes?

Touchdown play

The black horde was too much


Anonymous said...

So what's the prize? Dunking booth for the BB's? Dialogue Mass at de Sales for a month? I kid, I kid...

MrsC said...

What an awesome display of a Catholic community life! Congratulations to all, especially to the Blue Birettas!

dmwallace said...

The Blue Birettas... Msgr Wach would be proud!

Rachel Gray said...

Ss. Gregory and Augustine against St. Louis. That explains why their score doubled ours. I don't think it's fair they had two patrons. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Congrats to the Ravens! We were glad to host the event and can't wait to do it again. It, indeed, was a beautiful display of Catholic family life! Thanks de Sales for coming out in full force and creating a sea of blue across the hill.

Alex and Carla Filla