05 October 2010

Implied Threats are Fun, as Long as You're 'Saving the Planet'

With a tip to LewRockwell.com, the video below is put out by an environmentalist group called 1010global.org.  It is supposed to be funny-- or is it?  Since leftists generally lack a sense of humor, it is sometimes hard to tell.  This spot is reminiscent of the "green police" spots that aired during the Super Bowl, but the penalties for failing to submit to the program here are much more dire.

The video accidentally shows the environmentalist movement's true color--and it isn't green.  Warning:  this video may shock.


Debbie said...

That is a threat. Had a Catholic organization (or ANY religious organization) had even come close to something like that, people would have been arrested, jailed, and vilified. The religion of environmentalism has a free reign to scare the daylights out of people without any justification. If my children saw that video, you can bet that they would be trying to figure out a way to 'participate' in the 10:10 plan just so they would not blow up all over someone else.
What ever happened to people just using what God gave them and being considerate of what God gave them? I recycle...by that I mean that my 7 children all share what they have. They are not seven separate children needing 14 separate parents, 14 or more vehicles, 7 rooms, 7 kitchens, 7 homes (or more if parents are divorced). I think that more than covers the 10% excess used by the 10:10 people in producing this appalling advertisement.

It is just sick. Or evil. Possibly both.

Long Skirts said...

Debbie said:

"It is just sick. Or evil. Possibly both."

There are truly sick(physically or mentally) eople in this world and they can't help it so it's not fair to call this "sick" it's most definitely EVIL an VILE!

Can you imagine what the "thought police" would have said if those had been animals blowing up?

What happened to "it's your choice"?

When we had only 8 children (we now have 10) when I had a feminist-type of female Prof. come up to me at a "holiday" party at a very well known Catholic University here in St. Louis and say, "Are you the one with 8 children? Don't you think that's irresponsible?"

"No," I said, "I'm irresistible."

Our poor, traditional Catholic married children will have much worse to face than us with such a Satanic "nice" video.

I'm just waiting for the day the police surround my house and get on a loudspeaker with guns drawn and demand, "Come out of your house Mrs. Long Skirts with your arms up and your pack of Marlboros in your hand!"

Anonymous said...

Do as we suggest or die. Freaking terrorists. This video is in no way different than videos of Islamic extremist beheading their captors, and should be dealt with no less harshly.

One of the many reasons conceal/carry is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Were I more a fan of the north Londoners, I would resent the fact that the Totenham Hot Spur are made to be tools of any organization.

West Ham till I die/West Ham till I die/I know I am/I'm sure I am/I'm West Ham till I die!

Latinmassgirl said...

This is extremely disturbing! It was just SICK. I think it left me shaking. There is absolutely NOTHING funny about blowing people up! Are these real commercials in Europe? It was really strange that the woman mentioned a volcano before blowing up the children in her class, as there are more environmental emissions in one volcanic eruption than all of our "carbpm emissions" put together!

These environmentalist do have a religion, and there is a play book for it. It is communism and has been done before, resulting in millions of deaths around the world. They may have different names for it now, but it is the same evil, repeating. . .

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Barbaric. Very very sick. It looks more like a commentary of the enviro-terrorists. They have indeed revealed their true colors.

And the left acts as if the conservatives hold a gun to the heads of folks who are pro-abortion and pro-gay.

It's called "projection" in psychology.