29 October 2010

LIfe Still Cheap in These United States

News stories tending to support the point of the title of this post are found easily enough, but some of them, as in the case of the two hamburger-dispute murders in St. Louis last year, beg to be posted.  A Florida mother killed her own infant son because his crying interrupted her Facebook game time.  Apparently FarmVille is pretty compelling.

Those never-shake-a-baby PSAs have failed us.  May God have mercy on this wretched woman.  Her photo, which I won't reproduce here but which is in the linked story, just about says it all.  She looks like she is soul-dead.  I hope the baby was baptized.

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Latinmassgirl said...

I can't believe the prosecuter said her jail time would be less than the minimum sentence of 25 years. Oh, well, who cares - if the baby was just a little younger and in the womb it would have been "her body" and right! I would have given her my house to save that baby's life.