21 October 2010

The Media Ponders Actuarial Probabilities

Again, to quote Marek Bozek when Cardinal-designate Burke was promoted, but with perhaps a different meaning:  "Rejoice, St. Louis; beware, rest of world!"  From STL Today:

At 62, Burke's influence at the Vatican will be long-standing

When Pope Benedict XVI listed his picks for new cardinals Wednesday, the sixth name out of his mouth was Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Coincidentally, just six of the 179 current cardinals are younger than the 62-year-old Burke.

That could make the former St. Louis archbishop a key figure when it comes to a cardinal's most important job: electing the next pope. Burke is young enough to potentially vote for two, or even three, popes over the next two decades. Cardinals traditionally elect a pope from among their own College of Cardinals.

With the appointments Burke already holds to influential Vatican committees, observers say he may be one of the most powerful church officials in coming years.

"He's a significant player within the intricacies of the church," Thomas Groome, theology professor at Boston College, said of Burke. "He'll certainly have a key role advising this pope and then electing and advising the next one."



Anonymous said...

How can he be his own advisor?!

Fr. Andrew said...

Thomas Groome! Nice pull on that quote. I was supposed to critique his catechetical theology for my thesis but found his theology too far gone for me to know where to start. Had to go to a predecessor of his. Beware of anything crediting Thomas Groome.

Not that you'd even look at his products, Timman.

thetimman said...

Anon, speak it!

Fr. Andrew, I'll gladly read your summary instead.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Cardinal-designate Burke's longstanding influence!