24 November 2010


Fr. Andrew said...


And who might they be? Not consecraters?

StGuyFawkes said...

My guess: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and Evil."

Anonymous said...

you're obsessed with him. quit wasting your life. do something worthwhile.

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Anon,

You wrote, "you're obsessed with him."

I think it's truer to say of Mr. Boguslaw that he is obsessed with himself. But I grant your point; it's hard to take your eyes off such a piece of work, such a majestic work of self creation as is "Fr. Boguslaw Bozek."

Great works of literature have been made of stuff like him. The ambitious Julien Sorel in Stendahl's "The Red and the Black" comes to mind. And then there are all the priests in Balzac. Victor Hugo has a priest in a novel entitled "93" who is both revolutionary and priest. He is the "pretre-traitre." The traitor priest.

How not to love Boguslav Bozek? He is in his self a graduate course in French satire. And I haven't even started on how much he reminds me of Moliere.

And I haven't even begun with my comparisons between Marek the Marvel and the characters in Collaborationist-Vichy literature.

Indeed I am obsessed. I'd stalk him but that would only boost his sense of being a celebrity.

Happy Thanksgiving,

St. Guy.