12 November 2010

Chance of Success: Zero

San Francisco may face a ballot initiative in the next election that would criminalize circumcision.
I doubt this would survive a Constitutional challenge, but it could come to a vote anyway. All it takes is 7,168 signatures, and obtaining this number of signatures in flaky San Francisco is not ordinarily a problem.

But this issue could be cutting it close.


cp said...

I don't know much about this, but, hey, ignorance is briss.

Anonymous said...

That beautiful city, that poor, poor, poor beautiful city. I'd say it needs to be gerrymandered to disenfranchise the authors of the unabated stream of stupidity, vapidity and moral corruption that has been flowing from there ever since it stopped being an Irish Catholic city and became the homosexual mecca of the country.

Anonymous said...

Groan. . . I just saw the pun in the last sentence.

Bravo, Timman, bravo.