23 November 2010

Confirmed: Bishop Williamson Not Retaining Controversial Lawyer

Just to set the record straight, Bishop Williamson's newsletter editor has confirmed to Rorate Caeli that Bishop Williamson has complied with the request of Bishop Fellay, General Superior of the SSPX:

"Let it be known that Bp. Williamson will NOT be using the services of the lawyer mentioned in Fr. Thouvenot's communiqué of 20 November 2010."


Anonymous said...

Phew! Thank God. I was really nervous about this.

Anonymous said...

I am also glad he obeyed his bishop.

Steve said...

What's the world coming to when a Nazi-sympathizing dissident so-called bishop can't retain the Nazi-sympathizing lawyer of his choice?

Okay, what part of that are you going to challenge me on? Are you going to claim Williamson really is a valid bishop? (And you're proud of that, are you?)