10 November 2010

"Don't Taizé Me, Bro!"

Sometimes scanning the email can lead you to some gems of local interest.  The School Sisters of Notre Dame in St. Louis are sponsoring an(other) ecumenical event:
 One World, Taizé Prayer
Sunday, November 21, 2010
6:30 p.m.
Motherhouse Chapel
320 East Ripa Ave., St. Louis

Another frosty day in the New Springtime. 

I will say that those SSND sisters are pretty insistent.  Look what happened when I declined the invitation:


Badger Catholic said...


Anonymous said...

That is beyond funny!!!!!

prekast said...

Based upon recent observations of you, you probably deserve it.....


prekast said...

Or, could this be the response for kneeling during the reception of Our Lord...


Anonymous said...

Timman, definitely your best headline ever.

thetimman said...

Prekast, your opinion is noted.

I think I might prefer being tased over being taized. But I'll try to avoid both.

Anonymous said...

Maybe soon, the SSND's will no longer be a "religious order" of Holy Mother Church.

After the so called "inquiry" is finished, many of the so called orders will cease.

Let them be. They know exactly what they're doing.

Good luck sisters, I mean ladies.


Athelstane said...


That's your best headline of the year. I'll need a new keyboard now.

Anonymous said...

Although I do appreciate the Taize movement and its prayer style - although never as a replacement for our Catholic liturgy (Mass, Divine Office, reception of the Sacraments) - this is symbolic of what I predicted when the SSNDs inherited that expensive baseball card. I suspect the vast amount of the money earned on that item will go toward silly projects that have utterly nothing to do with furtherng the mission of Holy Mother Church! Nor are any of the projects chosen likely to be recognizable to any good Catholic as worthy of suport or reflective of the counsels of our faith.