11 November 2010

I'd Like One Thurible bel Grande, Please.

I post this for those who share a yearning to walk into the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela at the end of the great pilgrimage.

I enjoyed seeing the Pontiff's bemused look.

Viva il papa!


Anonymous said...

Bemused? I think his look is more like 'I hope that doesn't swing back and hit me!'

Ah! The beauty of our faith.

Prekast said...

"The driver of a tiny, environmentally-friendly car was not seriously injured yesterday, and the match-box size car crushed flat, when a 400 LB thurible broke free from its 3" diameter rope during Mass at the neighboring Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.

The massive thurible was being swung by 8 elderly thurifers during the Consecration, when the rope tethering it broke at the zenith of its arc, allowing the gigantic, silver piece to fly out the 800 years old stained-glass window, across the adjacent rectory and into the street, a block and half away.

The bemused driver of the wrecked car, intends to sue the Diocese of Compostela, and the Holy See in Rome, who she feels is responsible for this outrage, for desecrating her earth-saving carriage, with the trappings of a pagan cult."

Anonymous said...

It's like a ride at six flags.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Prekast, you missed your calling :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, folks, let's be careful with our comments, even in fun. That's His Holiness, the Pontiff, in that photo and I believe he's in the middle of the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Now give yourself a penance and make the resolve to avoid being frivolous about sacred things in the future. Father M

Anonymous said...

Sacred things? Lighten up. The whole display was done for the "Wow!" effect; to entertain. It would've been no less meaningful or sacred for them to use a normal censer.