09 November 2010

Iraqi Catholics Murdered; Does Anyone Care?

"Let us speak frankly of those who want to kill us."

This line comes from this thought provoking piece by Fr. Raymond D'Souza (I pulled this from the Rorate Caeli blog), commenting on the murder of Catholics at Mass in Iraq by a group of Mohammedans.  Three priests were among the 60 dead.

The war of Islam against the West is at root a war against the Church.  The fact that the West has largely apostatized doesn't change the reality of the situation.  This war was brought to us fourteen centuries ago, has brought defeats and victories, has waxed and waned, but remains today.

The prospect of martyrdom is part and parcel of the faith.  By martyrdom, I mean in the holy sense, that of witnessing as a victim for Christ, not that of the grotesque parody of those who used the term to murder others.  These Catholics were chosen, and the murderers were Moslem.  But the powers of the West shrug.  Killing Catholics doesn't bother anyone, you see.

This incident brings home the reality of the hatred against the Church to a previously comfortable Church in the West.  Persecution of Catholics has never stopped totally since the beginning, and in far parts of the world we are used to still hearing about it, but this seems closer to home.  The secular West seems to lack the will to reproduce, let alone defend itself.  The appeasement urge in Europe and America goes so far as to make laughable the mere thought of these countries vigorously defending Catholics.

My somewhat rambling point is not to endorse any war plan-- certainly the current US policy is in no sense a Crusade, and I don't believe that the current war policy can be morally justified.  And I make no predictions.  Certainly God blesses the Iraqi martyrs, but that does not thereby justify the martyr-makers. And among the enemies of the Church are those who would kill those who would not convert.  My point is that anyone who identifies the Church's cause with any country's cause is kidding themselves.  We have no protector in the purely temporal sphere.

Pray for the Church.  The list of martyrs shows every sign of lengthening.


Left-Footer said...

I think we can discern in the reaction of the West the same spirit of appeasement as so greatly benefited Hitler in the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

But Timman! Barry just talked about the "misunderstandings" between Islam and EVERY BODY ELSE. Come on, now. Surely it was a misunderstanding when a Muslim man killed his daughters in TX? And when the "moderate" Muslim media man killed his gorgeous wife in CT? And Christian woman is slated for death in Pohkee-stahn? It's all a misunderstanding. Jihad is an honorable component of the faith, you know.

If only we understood them...

St. Michael pray for us!

A Christian said...

The world was outraged about an angry minister who wanted to burn a hate-filled book that calls for the murder of innocents by its followers.

Not a word about the followers of that same Koran whom simply followed Mohammed's example of Jihad.

It is okay to massacre innocent people, as long as you are one of the protected, one whom we must bend over backward to protect.

I'm not surprised that the great Obama was silent about this murder as he is showing his true religion, wink, wink.

X said...

Are you demented, or is the CIA holding a gun to your head? "The war of Islam against the West"? Is this the war where Islam has plundered, pillaged and raped Christian lands of their natural resources for the last 200 years? The war where Islam has repeatedly and illegally toppled regimes "they" deemed undesirable, launched modern day crusades on trumped up insupportable charges resulting in the deaths of 100's of thousands of civilians and the total destruction and destabilization of our entire political, economic and cultural systems? Oh wait, no, that's what we did to them. Strike that.
Do your homework, this Father D'Souza is an Israeli apologist. The Muslims do not control our media, they do not manipulate our money supply, they do not pour debt, drugs and pornography into our culture, they did not extort money from taxpayers under color of law to cover their grotesque gambling losses. And why not? Because Muslims actually consider Christians, such as we are, worthy of conversion, just as we seek to convert them.
Now someone remind me again, what group is it then that sees us as nothing more than cattle and chattel?
Yes, let us speak frankly of those who want to kill us, but you know you never will.

Left-Footer said...


I think the actions of the Turks in Europe up to 1918 were comparable with what you describe

thetimman said...

I thought I might hear from X on this one. One need not be an apologist for any lobby or country to point out that the Moors invaded Spain and France, and that the Ottomans invaded Europe from the South and East. One need not be an apologist for any lobby or country to point out that the West is committing suicide by moral disintegration and sterility, and that Catholics aren't greeted with open arms when they point this out. One need not be an apologist for any lobby or country to acknowledge that our nation's foreign policy has often been immoral and done many of the immoral things as you say.

My intent was to point out that the Church is in the crosshairs of all these warring groups without any ally.

thetimman said...

Patrick Buchanan on the massacre:


Anonymous said...

Saddam Hussein was a secular leader who allowed the open practice of all faiths. Under his rule, 10% of Iraqi's citizens practiced their Eastern Catholic faith openly and without any fear whatsoever of living their faith. Eastern Catholic parishes flourished, and life was good for them.

Sadly, "W" Bush's immoral, unjust and illegal invasion, the one Pope John Paul II vehemently decried, has turned Iraq into a Muslim state. The majority of Catholics there fled in horror at what the US brought, and the recent carnage only underscores what a terrible, tragic decision "W" made.

God have mercy on America for turning one of the few mid-eastern countries that allowed and encouraged Catholics to openly profess their faith into a blood-bath where Catholics are being turned into martyrs.

Here would be the benefits if Christians in America had listened to Pope John Paul II instead of putting their belief into George W Bush:
* Catholics would still be openly practicing their faith without any fears whatsoever in Iraq.
* The Muslim world would certainly not be as suspicious of the US's intentions - except for our continued blind allegiance to Israel's continued expansion.
* The US would be $1 trillion less in debt than we are now in a war that ultimately will cost us $2 trillion.

Anonymous said...

And one other benefit had the US not invaded Iraq:
* Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would not have been killed, injured, maimed or sickened. Hundreds of thousands of children would not have been orphaned. And almost an entire population would not have had to suffer PTDS (Post Traumatic Distress Syndrome.)

This, coming from what still want to call our 'pro-life' president...
As if!

thetimman said...

I can't disagree with the last two, leaving aside psychological diagnoses.