02 November 2010

LIke a Battered Wife Who Reluctantly Responds to Her Abusive Husband's Drunken, Teary Plea that "It Will All Be Different This Time"

I voted today.


Mark Scott Abeln said...


annie said...

Shame on you for that analogy. Your complete lack of respect, empathy and knowledge of domestic violence is appalling. To take the physical and emotional pain, the fear and the hopelessness that so many women and their children face every day in an abusive, inescapable and all too often fatal situation and conveniently reduce it to equal a simple analogy of your personal voting habits is absolutely disgusting. Perhaps you, Mr. Abeln and any others that may find your comment "hilarious" would better yourselves by getting educated on the subject. Information provided by local emergency shelters and police departments all over our country indicate that a woman in your life is abused and too afraid to seek help. Your mother, your sister, your daughter or a friend of yours is suffering right now and you are unaware. Shame.

thetimman said...