10 November 2010

St. Francis de Sales Sings on KPLR--UPDATED

A reader sent me a link to this story on KPLR Channel 11 of Canon Aaron Huberfeld and some musical members of the Oratory singing Cantate Domino, and explaining a bit about the traditional Mass.

Dan Gray's report also used footage from the 2007 ICRSP ordinations at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis by Cardinal-designate Burke.

The singing is very nice, but was unfortunately cut short as the tyrants of two world superpowers busted in to cut the fun short. Check the video below.

I hope everybody got away!

Thanks again, here is the other video, which includes the Sanctus. This time, two scruffy pop singers crash the party at the end:



Sassybooboo said...


They also sung the Palestrina Sanctus!

Just beautiful!

KP said...

"That was cool!" said my soon-to-be three-year-old. :) I agree!!

thetimman said...


1. I thought Canon Huberfeld's charitable zinger about the "pause" in the availability of what was available for about 2000 years was classic.

2. A great presentation of the Mass, sacred music, and the Institute.

3. Sassybooboo?

PR Person said...

Canon Huberfield puts the PR professionals to shame! We will get a few more people because of this!

C. Catherine said...

Please let those of us who were willing to come to help Sister Marie with the restoration of the convent where she is. Is she well? Do you know if she will return to the US? I pray for her health every day, but I would like to know about her. I hope this is not an intrusive question.