10 November 2010

Feast of Saint Andrew Avellino

Today is the feast day of Saint Andrew Avellino, patron of Naples and also invoked against unprovided and sudden death.  From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Born 1521 at Castronuovo, a small town in Sicily; died 10 November, 1608. His baptismal name was Lancelotto, which out of love for the cross he changed into Andrew when he entered the Order of Theatines. From his early youth he was a great lover of chastity. After receiving his elementary training in the school of Castronuovo, he was sent to Venice to pursue a course in the humanities and in philosophy. Being a handsome youth, his chastity was often exposed to danger from female admirers, and to escape their importunities he took ecclesiastical tonsure. Hereupon he went to Naples to study canon and civil law, obtained the degree of Doctor of Laws and was ordained priest at the age of twenty-six.

Now, here is my favorite part.  Why?  No comment:

For some time he held the office of lawyer at the ecclesiastical court of Naples. One day, while pleading the cause of a friend, a lie escaped his lips in the heat of argument. When, soon afterwards, his eyes fell upon the passage in the Bible, "The mouth that belieth killeth the soul" (Wisdom 1:11), he felt deep remorse, renounced his profession as ecclesiastical lawyer and for some time devoted himself entirely to holy meditation and other spiritual exercises.

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St. Andrew Avellino, pray for us!

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Anonymous said...

"Being a handsome youth, his chastity was often exposed to danger from female admirers. . ."

I know that I should not, but I LOLed and ROFLed at this excerpt; that seems a very saucy way to make the point.