09 November 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Please, prayers are urgently needed for the 2-year old daughter of some friends, who was in an accident and is unconscious at the hospital.  That's all I know at the moment.  Thank you.

Update:  She has regained consciousness and is coming home tonight.  Further updates if necessary.  Thank you for your prayers.  

Final update:  She's fine, concussion and nothing worse.  Your prayers are appreciated by her mom and dad, too.


Elizabeth said...


doughboy said...

prayers offered.

Maria's mom said...

Thanks Timman and Sharon for getting the word out for prayers,

Thank you all for your prayers!

Our little sweetheart's recovery was almost miraculous, as she had been in and out of consciousness for a long time which was a great cause of concern.

Thanks be to God.

Grateful mom & dad of Maria