20 December 2010

And I for One Welcome Our New Internet Overlords

FCC moves to regulate to itself control of the internets. Under the circumstances, as a trusted Catholic blogger, I can say with Kent Brockman:


Left-footer said...

I'm scared - ants in my rants?

Average Joe said...

Mmmmmm......sugar cave.

Anonymous said...

While I share your concerns about potential regulation of the Internet and freedom of speech and I also disagree with this rulemaking order today, I am not entirely convinced that THIS order is the danger to free speech that folks fear.

I have worked in telecom regulation--state and federal--for 20 years. I have heard talk of 'net neutrality' for over a decade. While it was not in my clients' economic interests, the economic policy idea of 'net neutrality' is based on the policy of "equal access" in long distance voice communications services. That is, the provider of the pipeline to the end user, which has been a monopoly in voice, was to provide equal access to all long distance providers to ensure customer's freedom of choice of LD carrier. This is sensible and reasonable economic policy to foster a competitive LD industry. The same idea is being applied to Internet content here. And it may not be appropriate here, but I understand the goals.

Broadband,however, is not a monopoly telecom service; nor is it a basic regulated service. The FCC has already been told it lacks legal authority to do 'net neutrality.' I oppose this order on those grounds.

I have not read the order for today, yet, but if it only requires some form of "equal access" to the b-band pipeline by all providers of content, I am not convinced that that on its own is the death knell of Internet freedom--though other policies could be. It depends on how far the "equal access" requirement in the rules go and to whom they will apply. But it is beyond FCC authority, no doubt, and I hope it is over-turned by the courts--AGAIN.

That's the long and short of it. Gotta go. Wanted to put my 2c out there.