21 December 2010

Apropos of Nothing

If you were wondering who was behind the music of the ubiquitous Christmas season Hyundai commercials, the name of this tiny band is Pomplamoose. Here is a sample from their Youtube channel for your enjoyment:

Bonus video for CP and all other former disco-ers:


Fr. Andrew said...

Perhaps I'm getting older but I like their music. I found them through someone else, I like who they play their own instruments in our own day of "overproduced" music. I also like how every instrument you hear is found IN the video. Something I could see Neil Pert doing.

Kansas Catholic said...

Their name meaning "grapefruit" in French (or do I show my ignorance by saying what everyone should already know?).

CP said...

The coolest part is that I have that puppet on the drum mallet. His name is Fred.