02 December 2010

Archbishop Carlson Meets with Sullivan Parish over Financial Irregularities

Archbishop Carlson certainly has had his share of unpleasant items on his to-do list since arriving here. First, the Grady matter; then, the ongoing St. Stan's debacle; now, allegations of dissipation of funds at St. Anthony parish in Sullivan. The amount of money here is not of the magnitude of towing slush funds and BMW leases, but is scandalous nonetheless.

Actions like those that are alleged in this story at STLToday bring the priesthood and the Church into disrepute. Laymen aren't the only ones deprived of proper formation over the last 45 years.

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Patrick Kinsale said...

But really, did it have to be the lede story? I would not have made the bishop appointment story the lede, but THIS? A measly $60,000 bucks in irregularities, no prosecution by civil authorities? And Tim Townsend did not say where the accused priest is now, unless I missed it.