01 December 2010

Bishop Hermann Retires; Pope Names Monsignor Edward Rice as new Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis

The Vatican announced today that Monsignor Edward Rice will become the next Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis, replacing the retiring Bishop Robert Hermann. Bishop-elect Rice will be consecrated on January 13, 2011, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, at which time Bishop Hermann's retirement will become effective.

Bishop-elect Rice is currently the Director of the Office of Vocations, and has had, among his recent duties, the task of visiting Catholic schools and universities to promote vocations. The area of priestly vocations and Catholic education in general are two areas that the Archbishop has emphasized in his own episcopacy.

The Post-Dispatch story of today is here.
The Saint Louis Review has a more detailed story about Bishop-elect Rice here.

The Review also has a story about Bishop Hermann here.

There will be a Mass of Thanksgiving for Bishop Hermann at the Cathedral on Sunday December 12, 2010, at 10 am. He served the Archdiocese well during his tenure here, and particularly during the interregnum after the elevation of Cardinal Burke.

May God bless both of these men, and keep them in your prayers. Congratulations, Bishop-elect Rice, and thank you, Bishop Hermann.


Anonymous said...

Why is Bp. Hermann retiring? I thought he was fairly young and perhaps on track to lead a diocese of his own?

thetimman said...

No, he is past retirement age, and his resignation has been pending for a year or so.

Anonymous said...

Ok. He had looked rather youthful in pictures I had seen of him. He seemed rather vigorous and lively too. God bless him. He would have been great as bishop of his own diocese. I look forward to him writing some good books.

Anonymous said...

He was born in 1934