08 December 2010

What Happens When You Cross Leviathan

If any Catholic out there wishes to get a sneak preview of your fate when the state finally gets around to making us official targets, check out the case of the W-k-l--ks guy. He is an Australian citizen, who is wanted in Sweden on charges (the exact nature of which I cannot determine), stemming from not correctly using prophylaxis during consensual acts forbidden under the sixth and ninth commandments but perfectly lawful and even celebrated in every Western country.

Because of his actions in making public certain documents embarrassing to the Leader and his colleagues, he is an enemy of the state and thus must be crushed. The UK will extradite him to Sweden, but then what?

Quoting from LRC, here is a possible future for him:

A friend in the know predicts that J- A- of W-k-l--ks will be extradited by that US poodle, the UK, to once-neutral Sweden, where he will be found guilty and forced to pay a fine of c.$700. At that point, the US secret indictment will be revealed, and he will be renditioned to the empire. As what Joe Evilman (an enemy non-combatant) calls an enemy combatant, A is subhuman to the US government, sort of like a taxpayer. He will never see freedom again, but will be caged in filth in Guantanamo or Supermax or one of those other CIA torture camps scattered around the world. After he is interrogated in their bloody enhanced fashion, if he is not killed in the process, J- A- will become yet another number in the world’s biggest Château d’If.

I pray my friend is wrong.

My money is on the friend.


Anonymous said...

You're talking as if Asange has done absolutely nothing wrong. I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune if Cross-Eyed George were still pres.

But since it's O, my gosh, the gov't is evil.

thetimman said...

I would say the same thing regardless of the party of the president.

Methodist Jim said...

While from what we know, this does appear to be a politically motivated selective prosecution based on this guy's recent internet habits more than his inappropriate but seemingly not criminal behavior in Sweden, the key phrase in your post is the parenthetical . . . "(the exact nature of which I cannot determine)". I suggest that we wait and see.

Methodist Jim said...

And, by the way, Anon . . . trust me, thetimman would definitely say the same thing - if not something worse - if W was still president.

thetimman said...

No, not worse, exactly the same. But thanks for the corroboration.

X said...

C'mon, don't be a sucker your whole life. This guy didn't cross Leviathan he works for Him. It's so obvious this entire affair is scripted from beginning to end. It's just an internet 911 providing Leviathan a justification for the coming war on the internet itself. Believe me, when you really cross Leviathan you don't become a highly publicized, government controlled media, hero. No, you're shamelessly slimed, swept away or worse. See Helen Thomas, David Irving or Gerald Bull. Trust me, when it really comes, The Revolution will not be televised.

thetimman said...

X, that possibility did cross my mind.

Jane Chantal said...

Is there an exit from the hall of mirrors, or does the fun just go on and on?

Never mind.

Am perennially a day late and a dollor short, so would someone be good enough to tel me what LRC stands for? Thanks.