05 January 2011

"Christ is the Protagonist in the Celebration of the Holy Mass": Interview with Cardinal Burke

This interview comes from gloria.tv, and features the good Cardinal speaking the truth in a forthright manner. Were you expecting anything different?

Cardinal Burke gives a shout-out to St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis and to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, which administers many apostolates in the United States and throughout the world, some of which were founded by Cardinal Burke himself. He discusses the Extraordinary Form, its beauty, and his positive opinion of, and experience with, it. He also discusses some of the resistance to it by the old guard. Also, he is not afraid to take on the pro multis issue in the translation of Ordinary Form. Good stuff.

And this serves as today's reminder that Cardinal Burke will lead a solemn Te Deum at St. Francis de Sales Oratory this Saturday at 5pm, with a reception following in the church hall, where the faithful can greet His Eminence.

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Elizabeth said...

Cardinal Burke will also celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving this Sunday at 2 pm, at the Cathedral Basilica. There will be a reception afterwards at Rosati-Kain.