14 January 2011

Other News in the Bollettino

This item may be of some passing interest to any readers who were present at the Te Deum with Cardinal Burke at St. Francis de Sales Oratory on Saturday, and who had a chance to see and meet His Excellency, the Most Reverend Everard de Jong, Auxiliary Bishop of Roermond, the Netherlands. The Holy Father today accepted the resignation of Bishop van Luyn of Rotterdam, who is of retirement age.

High on the list of possible successors is Bishop de Jong. To give you a little more information on him, here is a Dutch blog post from last fall detailing a letter Bishop de Jong sent to all Members of the Dutch Parliament, urging them to defund abortion in the Netherlands, and sending them a life-sized plastic model of an unborn child. Needless to say, this was not well-received in life-is-cheap Holland.
I'll keep you posted when the Holy See appoints the new ordinary of Rotterdam.

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Mike said...

We need people like de Jong in Europe. As one who lives in Belgium, I am very pleased with recent appointments made by His Holiness including my bishop, Archbishop Andre Josef Leonard of Brussels. I would caution, though, your use of the phrase, "life-is-cheap Holland." As one who works in international relations, name calling is not necessarily the way to solve problems or to build bridges of understanding. I do realise, however, that this is your blog and you are free to say whatever you please.