07 January 2011

This Unheard-of Marvel: Men Have Seen God Living in the Midst of Them

"We might have been afraid of the redoubtable majesty of God: the Israelites prostrated themselves in the dust, full of terror and dread, when amid flashes of lightning God spoke to Moses on Sinai. We ourselves are attracted by the charms of One who is God become a Child. The Child in the manger seems to say to us: 'You are afraid of God? You are wrong. He who sees Me sees also the Father. Do not follow your imagination, do not make up a God from the deductions of philosophy, do not ask science to make My perfections known to you. The real Almighty God is the God I am and reveal to you; the real God is I Who come to you in poverty, humility and childhood, but Who one day will give My life for you. I am the brightness of the glory of the Eternal Father, the image of His substance, His only-begotten Son, God as He is God. In Me you will learn to know His perfections, His wisdom and His goodness, His love for mankind and His mercy towards sinners. Come to Me, for, God as I am, I have willed to be man like you, and I do not reject those who draw near to Me with trust.'"

--Blessed Columba Marmion, Christ in His Mysteries

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