28 January 2011

We're Number 1(19)! We're Number 1(19)!

What a hoot! Apparently, Saint Louis Catholic blog is the 119th most popular Catholic blog on the net (rated by number of subscribers). To those poor souls who subscribe, God bless you and keep you. Your reasons are your own.

The best part of this news-- the BEST part-- is that I am exactly tied with the USCCB media blog. The mind reels...can't...formulate...suitable....comment...

Look out, Fr. Z, in about 27 years I'll blow right by you!

All kidding aside, thank you very much for reading. It is very humbling that anyone other than my wife and probation officer take an interest. God bless.


Delena said...

I immediately looked for you on there when I saw it and couldn't find you...but now I see it.

Love the title of this post. Made me laugh! :-)

Kansas Catholic said...

Your probation officer can read? Mine can't, which makes it easy when I bring a note from my mom.
: )

MrsC said...

If St. Francis de Sales were a blogger today, how many subscribers might he have? Effectiveness of a Catholic writer is not measured in the subscription rate. I enjoy reading your blog far more than many others. Thanks.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the kind words, all.

And Mrs. C., understanding your point, I wish I could do something someday to be worthy of being compared to, however obliquely, St. Francis de Sales. Ask the other coach at my daughter's basketball game today.

Happy feast day to you and to all the Institute family!

MrsC said...

Happy feast of St. Francis de Sales to you, Timman, and to everyone! "Introduction to the Devout Life" was initially written for only one subscriber, and look influential it became! Not meaning to sound presumptuous, I do think Catholic writers should constantly look to St. Francis, so as to aspire to write more like him. One thing I like about him is that he wrote with a narrow audience in mind, yet reached a wide one over time and space. Cool!