02 February 2011


Today is Candlemas, the traditional feast day of the Purification of Mary. The modern calendar calls this the feast of the Presentation of Our Lord. Don't fret, it is the same joyful mystery.

Today is the end of the Christmas season. There is still one more Mass for today's feast at St. Francis de Sales Oratory at 12:15pm with the traditional blessing of candles and procession.

Go on your lunch hour, and return to work to wish mystified co-workers a Merry Christmas one last time.


Anonymous said...

Masses will be continued also after today. Just to avoid any misunderstanding.

Latinmassgirl said...

My mother has never stopped nagging me about our Christmas tree - again. We leave it up until Feb. 2, and it totally shocks her, even though I explain it to her every year. Merry Christmas mom!

thetimman said...

Ah, yes... that should read "one more Mass for the Feast of the Purification this year".

The other phrasing should not be taken as an omen.

Anonymous said...

I was there, it was beautiful. The Oratory is accessible, the storm didn't hit them much. Having been there together with 4-5 other men was impressive. These week day Masses at the Oratory celebrated with solemnity and much dignity - it reminds us well at the primary finality of the Mass.

Anonymous said...

The Gentlemen's Schola (aka the rat pack) braved the storm and sang the 12:15 mass... it was awesome.