07 February 2011

Deepish Thoughts, by thetimman

I live my life in the semi-lucid intervals between falling asleep on the sofa and sitting in government waiting rooms. Sometimes inspiration hits me, but I forget to write these thoughts down. As part of my New Year's resolution, I have decided to occasionally publish these pearls of wisdom so they are not lost to my progeny. Here's a beginning:

--I was sceptical about the masonic infiltration of the Church until, when the new English translation of the Missal came out, I was floored by the reference to "New World Ordernary Time".

--I decided to call DHS last night as part of the "If you see something, say something" campaign, when Christina Aguilera betrayed her lack of patriotism by botching the national anthem. The line was busy. That gave me time to think that it was too bad DHS didn't exist back in the day, when Roseanne Barr betrayed her lack of patriotism by correctly remembering the national anthem.

--Big wine glasses=faster intoxication. Why did I only realize this afterwards?

--If cassocks are too divisive, what does that make pants? I mean, look at them--each leg is on its own. Solidarity, people!

--Isn't the biggest indictment of the new Mass the oft-heard defense of "The Novus Ordo can be celebrated reverently"? If a Mass only can be, but not must be, celebrated reverently, is that really such a great point in its favor?

--I used to think people who compared the current occupant of the White House to Lincoln were delusional. Now I know better.

--Have you noticed that you never see Canon Lenhardt and Pope Benedict XV in the same room?

--If I recognize that I am losing my mind is it a sign that I am not?


Anonymous said...

My father went through torture knowing he was losing his control...being asked to put the numbers on the face of the clock he broke down when he couldn't do it.
Sadly, I think that you can recognize you are losing your mind, but the good news is---when
you do recognize it---you are not so far gone as someone who does not realize it! By the time you are really confused you just don't care, dum de dum ..."Don't Worry -
Be Happy"

Dinsky7 said...

In the second to last question, did you mean Pope Benedict XVI? It doesn't seem that odd to me that one never sees Canon Lenhardt and Pope Benedict XV in the same room?

Anonymous said...

THEY are about the same height you know....I think CAnon is taller.
I heard Canon Lenhardt say one time that he was surprised when he saw the then CArdinal R in a chair and he looked so small!

thetimman said...

I did actually mean Benedict XV. You'd have to see the one, and the picture of the other, to get it.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, but then you had to take it political, i.e. "... the current occupant of the White House to Lincoln were delusional."

This coming from the same guy who just last week said he wasn't a Republican (or Democrat?)

Just another cheap, gratuitous shot to your cafeteria-catholic Republican base? It's that kind of black/white, good/evil comment that keep us more moderate people from coming back to this site.


dulac90 said...

Wow, 17:36.

I don't know if your comment is serious, but it is just that type of emotional reaction that prevents people from being able to actually analyize what is being said (you comletely missed the point).

Anonymous said...

+1 Dulac90

Anon 17:36, I wonder if you would've commented in the same fashion if the Huffinglue Post had said something moderately off-center about, say, Bush?

As has been said on many occasions in the past - it's his blog. If you don't like the comments, you don't have to stay, though I think you will - irresistibly. You'll hover.


Michael said...

"I used to think people who compared the current occupant of the White House to Lincoln were delusional. Now I know better."

Excellent. I'm happy you have come to realise this fact. However, I go even farther and say that Lincoln shouldn't even be compared to Obama. In my opinion, Lincoln was a criminal and the Emancipation Proclamation was a complete joke. And if you think I'm crazy. Read history. Contextualise history. By the way, this is coming from a Liberal European. This is not about being Republican or Democrat. It's about modern historians discovering who Lincoln really was behind the scenes...and it's scary.

thetimman said...


I agree about Lincoln. That's why they can be compared to each other.