10 February 2011

Neat Video with Results of the St. Francis de Sales Survey

St. Francis de Sales Oratory included, in its latest newsletter, a nice video summary and analysis of the results of its survey taken over a six-week period near the beginning of the New Year.

I will embed it below. My favorite statistic is one that those of you who love the traditional Mass sense already, but which is surprising to those who don't:

The median age of Oratory members is 29. The median age of all members over 18 years old is 46.

As the headline of the Inside the Vatican interview with Monsignor Michael Schmitz stated, "Young People Flock to the Old Mass".

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MrsC said...

Fabulous! What a beautiful portrait of a 21st Century Catholic community! I admire what you have in St. Louis, but I'll bet our Institute apostolate here would show similar results. Young people - and us more mature ones - attend because of the liturgy. It's beautiful, but it's also relevant to our lives.