03 February 2011

Overheard at the House of a Local Blogger

"Why am I the only guy whose wife is a modernist?"

"I'm not a modernist. I'm a realist."

"That's what modernists say to make themselves feel better."


Methodist Jim said...

Sharon is a saint. Keep up the fight for reality!

Anonymous said...

He should content himself with the knowledge that he is not the only one whose wife is a ... realist.

And I think the picture is perfect. Chartreuse, as a digestive, should make it all a little easier to swallow -- you just have to drink sufficient quantities of it. It is like a magic potion made by those who had the wisdom and strength to take that vow of celibacy for those of us who thought we had the wisdom and strength not to. Hmmm...Great Silence? Doesn't sound too bad.

Honey, if you're reading this, you know I'm joking, right? ... right?

thetimman said...

Methodist Jim, I don't think you're helping.

Sharon said...

You forgot ...

"And people like you call people like me 'modernists' to make THEMselves feel better."


PS Thetimman, did you post that "Anonymous" comment, too?

Prekast said...


Like me, you have certainly married "up" - culturally, spiritually, and.... intellectually.

Do YOU ever win any arguments?

thetimman said...

Sharon, how did you get by comment moderation?

GOR said...

In an episode of the BBC comedy series “Yes, Prime Minister”, the PM has to recommend a candidate for a vacant Anglican diocese. In Britain, the Anglican Church proposes two candidates to the PM who then recommends one of them to the Queen who actually makes the appointment (the Anglican Church being the State Religion with the Queen as the titular Head).

The Prime Minister has just been told that one of the candidates is a Modernist.
He inquires of the Cabinet Secretary – Sir Humphrey Appleby – what constitutes a ‘Modernist’.

Prime Minister (concerned): “So, he’s an atheist then?”

Sir Humphrey (condescendingly): “No Prime Minister. If he were an atheist he couldn’t continue to receive his stipend. So when clergymen stop believing in God, they call themselves Modernists instead…”


Anonymous said...

So, where do you get Chartreuse?
Schnucks doesn't have it---well 2 of them at least.

thetimman said...

Two places of which I know--

1. Wine Merchant, Clayton

2. Randall's, South City

Anonymous said...

Friar Tuck, Crestwood. :)