11 February 2011

This Weekend--Be There

Everyone knows where the real drama in theatre happens...


Presented by
The St. Francis de Sales
High School Homeschool Co-op

Saturday, February 12th at 7:00 pm
Sunday, February 13th at 3:00 pm

Admission $2.00/person or $10.00/family

St. Francis de Sales Oratory
2653 Ohio Ave.
St. Louis Mo 63118
Stage located in the church hall

Directed by Maryrose Schmidt

All admission fees help to offset production costs with all remaining funds donated for Oratory restoration


We all know that the real drama in a theatre takes place backstage and creates quite a comedy to watch!

This has never been more true than at Theatre Baroque, with its star, one-time matinee idol Burton Cavendish. Unexpected events, hours before the premiere of “Don Juan in Cleveland,” push the cast to their limits.

Nasty critics, doting mothers and one very large goon stand between the resourceful actors and a successful premier.

Lines and plot twists fly fast in this theatrical farce where over-the-hill prima donnas reign — or think they do — and most of the rest of the cast is betting on who comes out on top.

Saturday, February 12th at 7:00 pm
Sunday, February 13th at 3:00 pm


Anonymous said...

We'll be there!

Anonymous said...

WOW, we've made it to the Big's!!
Thanks Timman.
By the way, have you seen Russell Crowe?

Anonymous said...

We are very grateful for all these talents and generous families (they came every day for seven days straight to rehearse and to arrange the hall). Thank you for all your commitment and generosity. The Oratory is blessed. I would propose a professional career to some of our actors, but then ...

Canon Wiener

thetimman said...

Really great production, well done by all. I enjoyed even those actors who were not my blood relations.

No Chartreuse at the concession stand, though. That MUST be remedied before the Emperor's New Clothes is presented.

Anonymous said...

Dear Timman,

The play was excellent! That crazy director deserves a lot of credit.

So glad that you have volunteered to bring the Chartreuse to the next play since:

1.) I have it on good authority that you made a recent purchase AND
2.) you so uncharitably failed to offer even a small drop to parched visitors recently...which was pretty lame! (Sharon can't do everything!)

--From a reader who really likes what you have to say and one of the few who will admit to it--anonymously, of course.

Mother Crab said...