17 February 2011

Trusting Your News Coverage

I would hope most people realize that one simply cannot believe everything you see or hear or read in the news. I think most readers know this, but think that there may still be major news outlets that are more or less trustworthy. However, one needn't look to Charles Jaco or Keith Olbermann to point out the major problems in the accuracy of news reporting; in this case, Fox News gets into the act.

The first video here explains how Fox News reported that Ron Paul, who won the CPAC straw poll in 2011, was roundly booed by CPAC attendees. The problem is that the footage they ran is of his victory in 2010, when Mitt Romney supporters, disappointed at the unexpected loss of their candidate, let Paul have it. Yet it is reported as having happened this year. This video takes awhile to make the point, but watch it anyway:

Well, it seems that Fox News, once busted, has issued an apology, calling this an "honest mistake". OK, I hope it was. But it either is or it isn't. Either way, it doesn't speak well for the Fox News outfit. Either they intentionally made news and deceived people, or else the producer, writer and anchor didn't do any actual checking of the event they were covering, but pulled or used this footage taking someone else's word for what it was. Which is sloppy reporting, to say the least:

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