11 February 2011

Won't You Be My NABRE?

Um, no thanks.

Revised New American Bible adds context, clarity

...What is being called the New American Bible Revised Edition, or NABRE, will include the first revised translation since 1970 of the Old Testament. The New Testament translation is the same as in 1986 and later editions of the New American Bible.


The NABRE's publication will not affect what Scripture texts are used for Mass. The Lectionary translation has already been updated recently.


She and Benedictine Father Joseph Jensen, executive secretary of the Catholic Biblical Association and one of the scholars who worked on the translation, both gave two examples of the type of changes everyday readers might notice: the disappearance of the words "cereal" and "booty." [...]


Thank goodness for that.

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Anonymous said...

Where does one find the recent New Testament and the Old Testament translations?