06 March 2011


Imagine my horror at picking up the St. Louis Review and seeing this.

I was able to recover somewhat when I read that this was not taken at Mass.


Kansas Catholic said...

No link to the article? Is there a geriatric angle or is that just the photo?

MyMiddleNameIsAmerica said...

Now, wait a minute . . . I think some of these clowns were present at our Summer at the Oratory celebrations at de Sales. And the kids really love them. And it is nice to see clowns who are not Shriners, getting out there and spreading joy. Front page news for the Archdio newspaper . . .maybe not, but you know, don't blame the clowns :)

thetimman said...

KC, the article in the Review was about K of C "clown ministry". The photo for this post cannot be found at the Review site; maybe they are concerned that some blogger would post it in some snarky anti-clown post.

America, I am not clown-phobic or anti-clown, and I realize that St. Francis of Assisi thought of himself as a jester for the Lord. But I don't think he tried for overt humor with his garb, and I don't think his conversion plan was to lead with selzer.

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Jugglers of God,

For what it's worth the funniest e-trade commercial featuring the baby sophist can be found at


It involves a clown and expresses well the sentiment of Tim's post.


St. Guy