01 March 2011

And Then There Was One

Jennifer Brinker sent me word of the closing of a baby-killing mill in North County, which leaves only one such slaughterhouse left in St. Louis:

Bridgeton abortion doctor retires, closes business
That's one too many.


Anonymous said...

With the closing of this doctor, there are still 2 such disgusting facilities in the state of Missouri. Planned Parenthood in St. Louis is of course one, and the other is another Planned Parenthood in Columbia, Missouri, in close proximity to the MU campus. The one in Columbia, was closed for several months last year, to deal with the Missouri legislature new laws and not having a doctor available to perform abortions, however; it received several donations to find another doctor and re-opened this past December.

Anonymous said...

I have two sources who tell me PP in Columbia once again stopped offering abortions in late January. Of course, all of this could change at a moment's notice, but this is what seems to be the case for now.

I think Deacon Sam Lee hit on the head when he said we shouldn't place our focus only on shutting down every clinic, but rather get to the heart of why women are having abortions and minister in that direction. Missouri is standing on its last leg as far as abortion services go, but a good number of women here are still crossing state lines to kill their children.

Jennifer Brinker
St. Louis Review

Mark said...

If only this trend could be more widespread. As we read this great news here in St. Louis we are confronted with a horrible reality in Seattle where Seattle University (a Catholic college) is offering students the option to 'intern' at Planned Parenthood. Sick people teaching others how to be sick.

Check out the story


Anonymous said...

@Jennifer Brinkler of the St Louis Review...good I am glad to hear they may have stopped offering abortions in Columbia..let's pray that its for good this time.

Anonymous said...

It will come - there are more abortion mills closing this past year of 2010-11 and continuing - prayer and fasting must also continue.