16 March 2011

Campaign Funding over the Bodies of Dead Babies

Chris "All Prosecutor. No Politics." Koster just got another huge donation to his reelection campaign from James Stowers, the wallet-from-Mordor behind the deceptive campaign to enshrine the cloning and killing of little babies in the Missouri Constitution.

This is the same guy whose "principled leadership" on supporting the slaughter of innocent children led him to switch political parties in order to avoid being on the same ticket with George Bush-- I mean, to stand up for the little guy.
Just to remind you, the campaign to pass Amendment 2 and support the destruction of babies in the name of science passed largely through the efforts of Stowers and the Danforths, outspending pro-life forces by $27 million.

The really sad thing is that this kind of crass duplicity is so common that it barely raises a shrug. From STLToday:

Wealthy stem cell advocate, once again, comes up big for Koster


ST. LOUIS -- Campaign contribution limits didn't stop Chris Koster from getting big money from wealthy contributors.

But, now that the caps are history, collecting large checks is a lot easier.

The Missouri Attorney General, gearing up for the 2012 re-election campaign, received a hefty boost this week from one of his most prominent supporters. James Stowers -- the mutual fund billionaire and stem cell research supporter from Kansas City -- contributed $75,000 to Koster's re-election campaign on Sunday.

Stowers was even more generous to the Cass County Democrat when he was elected attorney general three years ago, although that money took out a circuitous route to Koster's coffers.

In 2008, Koster netted about $300,000 in donations -- including $125,000 that originated from Stowers -- through a web of campaign committees that drew complaints from his primary opponents.


Stowers has been a Koster fan since 2007 when, as a state senator, he switched from Republican to Democrat, citing, among other concerns, differences with some GOP officials on stem cell research.

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Anonymous said...

The recent readings from scripture come to mind where Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert, promising that the kingdom would all be his if he would only compromise and worship the evil one.