11 March 2011

More Idiocy from Our Betters

Is there any aspect of life that Washington or Hollywood can't solve for us?

Get this-- the Leader held a conference at the White House to take on the scourge of "teen bullying". I know the press is completely emasculated, but really, couldn't just one reporter take the role of the child who pointed out that the Emperor had no clothes after this ironic banality was launched (from
the Denver Post story reprinted in STLToday)?:

Obama joked that as 'someone with big ears and the name that I have," he wasn't immune to bullying as a child.

He added that the purpose of the conference was to dispel the myth that bullying is harmless or an inevitable part of growing up.

"Bullying can have destructive consequences for our young people," Obama said. "And it's not something we have to accept."


The Horror!!!!!!!!!!


long pants said...

You've clearly decided, in all your wisdom, that this man can do absolutely nothing right. While you may feel justified in your prejudiced approach, such an unwavering stance does automatically placed you in the category of irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

You're sounding more and more like your girlfriend over at Eastside Catholic.

Anonymous said...

What is your point here?
That bullying is "normal?"
That nothing should be done to stop bullying, or even address the "problem" of bullying?
That those who address this are "emasculated" men?

Just when I thought your blog hinted at being Christian, you take a cheap shot at Obama ... oh wait - I get it: you disagree with Obama so it's okay to take a swing at him (akin to bullying), and that helps you feel like a real man. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

All the above commentators are a bunch of nanny-state-loving pansies. Call B.O. on me.

thetimman said...

It gets a little old that Christianity is equated by some with government social programs.

If you think the federal government should make "bullying" a felony, and station homeland security in all educational facilities to "keep us safe", then I am sure you are welcome to your opinion. Leave me out of it.

Any political commentary on this blog-- which is not a political blog, per se-- only occurs when I think it touches on some Catholic issue or teaching. My opinion about that may be right or wrong, of course, but it is my blog. In this case, the story concerns the inexorable and very execrable march of centralized government power on the rights and duties of parents, in violation of subsidiarity.

If you love some or all of the policies of the most anti-Catholic administration we've seen, that's your prerogative. How many foreign wars has he brought our troops home from, that you would consider as sufficiently offsetting the anti-life domestic policies he pursues? Tell me, has he closed Guantanamo? Has he allowed the Patriot Act to expire? Has he removed abortion funding from the socialized medicine bill? Is he bankrupting the country and sticking future generations with an unpayable debt?

Flemdango said...

Thetimman was not taking a "cheap shot" at Obama, he was pointing out that Obama's example of what happens to people who are bullied was not the best. I mean, it's pretty ironic that someone who was subject to the "destructive consequences" of bullying ended up becoming president of our country. I wouldn't call those consequences destructive.

Anonymous said...

Well, it HAS been a destructive 2 years for the rest of us. Perhaps it's the revenge of the bullied-party going on here.