28 March 2011

Not as Bad as It Sounds-- by 2050 There Won't Be Anyone to Drive Them

Not the way Europe is contracepting/aborting/euthanizing:

by Bruno Waterfield

The European Commission on Monday unveiled a "single European transport area" aimed at enforcing "a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers" by 2050.The plan also envisages an end to cheap holiday flights from Britain to southern Europe with a target that over 50 per cent of all journeys above 186 miles should be by rail.

Top of the EU's list to cut climate change emissions is a target of "zero" for the number of petrol and diesel-driven cars and lorries in the EU's future cities.

Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto "alternative" means of transport.
"That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres," he said. "Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour."

The Association of British Drivers rejected the proposal to ban cars as economically disastrous and as a "crazy" restriction on mobility.

"I suggest that he goes and finds himself a space in the local mental asylum," said Hugh Bladon, a spokesman for the BDA.

"If he wants to bring everywhere to a grinding halt and to plunge us into a new dark age, he is on the right track. We have to keep things moving. The man is off his rocker."

Mr Kallas has denied that the EU plan to cut car use by half over the next 20 years, before a total ban in 2050, will limit personal mobility or reduce Europe's economic competitiveness.
"Curbing mobility is not an option, neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system's dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win-win," he claimed.

Christopher Monckton, Ukip's transport spokesman said: "The EU must be living in an alternate reality, where they can spend trillions and ban people from their cars.
"This sort of greenwashing grandstanding adds nothing and merely highlights their grandiose ambitions."


And so Europe swirls down the drain... whimpering all the way.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Belgium. I bike, use a bus, or take the train. Most people don't even have autos in my city. Our public transportation is cheap enough where even the poorest person can afford a vacation. We are not swirling down the drain and we are not whimpering all the way. We are being energy efficient, trying to end our dependence on oil, and actually producing cars that are environmentally friendly. The EU is not banning electric autos or autos using something other than diesel or petrol. I believe it is an incredible shame that so many people in the United States sit in their autos for hours on highways, when efficient and community building public transportation can be constructed and used. The individualistic, capitalistic, and often uneducated and superficical American mentality is simply unbelievable. I am not saying that Europe doesn't have problems, especially with euthanasia, abortion, and contraception, but what I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with limiting the use of autos that produce harmfull waste and damage the environment. I will also tell you that most traditional Catholics here in continental Europe would not be opposed to this new measure. They would be more hurt by your polemical words. We agree that we have issues. But there is a completely different way of thinking here, an entirely different mindset that I am not sure you are completely aware of. Of course, you have a right to your own opinion. But be aware that many traditional Catholics in Europe who also support the ICKSP and who also support the EU might find your words a bit offensive.