31 March 2011

That Time Again

Do you recognize these people? Not St. Guy-- there's only one of him. Give up?

Well, it's a trick question, because they're anonymous. The only thing I know for sure is that they like to comment on this blog. The problem is, you can never be sure to which anonymous you are talking in the combox.

Hence, I engage in my annual plea for an end to anonymous comments. By this I mean, please, pick a name. Any non-vulgar name will do. It doesn't have to be your real one, but it's polite, and it ensures a more efficient combox. Think of it as your St. Guy mask.

Thus, please sign your comments with some identifier. While I won't put an outright ban on comments without one, you will ensure that you get the benefit of the doubt when I ponder whether to hit the "publish" button.




StGuyFawkes said...

Dear STL-Readers,

It's so shaming to think that my comments have led Tim to single me out as an example of bad behavior.

Nonetheless, in order to back up our good Tim's hope for a Catholic blog free of anon-o-mouses and anon-nom-asses, I StGuyFawkes, the the punisher of prigs and poltroons, and the scourge of heretics everywhere, make this solemn promise.

If this blog can go "anonomous" free, for two weeks I promise to shed my an-nom-de-plume (StGuyFawkes), and only blog with my baptized name, already known to the few.

Promised here this first day of April, in 2011, the year of our Lord.


long pants said...

I already got "long pants," so everyone needs to pick a different one.

Aunt Lydie said...


I think that some people do not know how to put in a name, thinking they need an "account".

Instructions may be needed

thetimman said...

Thanks Aunt Lydie,

You can have a google account, which will automatically give you a name when you comment.


You can have an account name with some other service, like Wordpress, and sign in using the "openid" box, it will give your name when you comment.


You don't have to have any account, simply check the "name/url" box and choose your (real or fictitious) name.


You can comment checking "anonymous" but simply type your name (real or fictitious) at the end of your post in the dialog box itself.

You can make it easy or difficult, per your desire.

DrOZ said...

hmmmm. ok. fine

Methodist Jim said...

No. I refuse to pick a nom de plume. Oh, wait, I already did.

cmziall said...

Don't come here very often anymore, but my pseduoname is da bomb! ;)

Mini-skirts said...

This comment really doesn't belong here, but I just wanted to tell you that I really, really hope that you're going to put up an April Fools' joke for all of your "Totally Trad" readers. More conspiracies, a fun rumor about SFDS or STL. I mean, anything would do.

Anonymous said...

My guess: this is the entrance procession at a liturgy at St. Cronan's.