26 April 2011


I am safely back in town after a miserable two days of work, and will have the veiling post up tomorrow.  You'll laugh, you'll cry.  Roger Ebert calls it "the feel-good post of the year."


dulac90 said...

Now that's what I call a bare shoulder!!

annoyed said...

funny how you disable comments on the veiling post above. are you worried your readers may not agree with you? you also disabled the comments on the Bishop running in the marathon. I do enjoy your blog, but am getting annoyed with your censorship. My advise is not to publish controversial articles if you can't handle the criticism or worried about embarrassing yourself or the Oratory.

thetimman said...


I am glad you wrote this comment, as it gives me a reason to explain the closed comboxes to which you refer:

1. I closed the combox on the Bishop because people were attempting to leave comments that were abusive of the Bishop. I will not post comments that show contumely for the Bishop.

2. I am not worried that people won't agree with me on veiling requirement. I expect most won't, and particularly so in light of the publication and misinterpretation of His Eminence's private correspondence. My stated opinion is not based upon whether or how many people agree.

The reason that combox is closed is because Ed Peters does not allow comments on his blog. I am affording him the same opportunity here. It has happened before that he gets an unopposed platform on his blog, but then uses the comboxes of those who disagree with him to undercut that writer's platform. That way only the readers of the opponent's combox get the two sides of the argument; his posts are to remain unsullied by questions or counter-arguments. I welcome Mr. Peters to respond--but he can do it on his blog, as I have been forced to do so on mine.

Criticism of my blog doesn't bother me. I agree there is much to criticize.

Not annoyed,

Columbine said...


I"ve followed your blog for a few years now...and hardly ever comment. I do in fact remember your original blog on this issue a few years back. You seem so offended by the attention given to this letter. You are bullying this woman while you are trying to prove a point....NOT NICE!
Your attitude reminds me of the men who used to force us to wear napkins on our heads in the SSPX.


ps. I 've noticed you don't take criticism too well...so I doubt you'll let this comment be published.

Anonymous said...


Long-Skirts said...

To the conservative feminists (who are men too)

"It's all for the Christ Child."


Oh lowly, little, chapel veil
You are my dearest friend
For when my hair's all mops and brooms
You cover end to end.

And when my hair's not curling right
Or when it sticks out straight
You gently hold it all in place
And make it look first rate!

But feminist they hate you so,
You lowly simple thing
To them you are so vile not veil
To praise Our Lord and King.

And passing by the Church of Seven,
"Autonomy's", their phrase
They never know the joys of Heaven
Such as no bad-hair-days!

For lowly, lacey, chapel veil
You tame my hair so wild!
But truth-be-told though I look nice
It's all for the Christ Child.

thetimman said...


I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm powerless in the face of reverse psychology.

I fail to see, though, how I'm bullying the woman who wrote the letter, as I didn't name her or say anything negative about her.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the Bishop Marathon article mentioned above... What did you really expect people to say?? Especially from a more traditional following and when you had just published an article about Clericalism??? Honestly, how did you expect people to react? You like to stir the pot, i get it and i like that, and yes this is your blog, your bully pulpit, but why why why must you fell to censor your readers responses in such a way?

Mine was one of the comments that you deleted because I disagreed with his choice of clothing.

-Not a fan of Tipper

thetimman said...

OK, enough. I didn't close the combox on the veiling post in order to have it on this one.

And to Trad-- sorry, no offense, but I just got a little bit of power in the face of reverse psychology.

To all readers, I really did close the combox for the reasons I stated. I am OK with anyone disagreeing with me. And I love and esteem Cardinal Burke whether he has something to say that I like or not. Believe what you will.