19 April 2011

I Said It Before, I'll Say It Again...

...this is what happens when Protestants get a hold of a Catholic Church.


thetimman said...

Alternative takes:

Wow, the N.O. is getting ridiculous.

I guess we can expect more defections to the new Anglican Use Ordinariate.

They call US crazy.

This says "dignity" all over it.

"If you're not going to use Westminster Abbey anymore, can we please have it back?"

How long before we just chuck the charade and re-establish some pagan temple brothels?

Jane Chantal said...

LOL -- I think you nailed it the first time, Timman :-D

Between the squalid public pre-wedding cohabitation of the bride & groom-to-be, and the ominous presence on the bride's hand of the late Princess Diana's engagement ring...I don't know who will be more to be pitied on the big day: befuddled old Rowan Williams, the bride, or Her Majesty the Queen.

In honor of their proud Anglican heritage, the onlookers should shower the couple with birth control pills rather than rice. Oh -- wait! -- I forgot! -- after the Fairytale Wedding, we're supposed to hope that they stop contracepting.

-- Jane, lifelong Anglophile, monarchist, and killjoy

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll admit, I found that pretty hilarious, although definitely not in the snarky, backhanded way that T-Mobile intended. I'm also impressed with the special effects skillz.

How does this sell T-Mobile cell phones / service plans, BTW?

Oddly, the word verification was 'witylion'.