19 April 2011

Late to the Game, Mainstream Media Reports on JPII Beatification Controversy

I post these links for the record, without adding any comment to my previous post on the matter.

ABC NewsAs John Paul Beatification Nears, Criticism Mounts;  Pope John Paul II's beatification nears, as critics question its pace and thoroughness

Same title, different article, from USA Today As John Paul beatification nears, criticism mounts

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, some of us have read about these stories for several years now. Seems to suggest that maybe you yourself might be "late to the game" in reading things from the mainstream media?

And as you reported several weeks ago, there has been a lot of solid discussions about whether there should be any canonization at all here.

And you had some solid discussion about that, as you did "Clericalism." And that is so much better than taking divisive pot-shots at people, turning substantive forums into "us versus them" type borderline-personality views.