19 April 2011

Link to the Series of Sermons on the Seven Deadly Sins

The series of sermons on the Seven Deadly Sins delivered by the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest proved very popular to readers, and I still get emails asking for links.  So, to make it easy, I am going to post all of the links below, and add this post to the favorites list at the sidebar.








Thanks again to the good Canons for making these available here.


Anonymous said...

Will the one on Joy (from Laetare Sunday) be listed, too? I thought that was an excellent addition to the series.


Anonymous said...

I agree with JJR.
Thanks to you for this public and private service to your readers.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd combine these links for readers' use. Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

I assume this post is cross-linked from the John Burroughs School website?

Proud SLPS Parent

Anonymous said...

All sermons are also in the Institute's St. Louis site as pdfs available:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these sermons from the Oratory. I found them immensely helpful and taught me a lot that my NO RCIA didn't touch on at all.

I was wondering, how do you obtain them? Although my husband and I attend the Oratory, my hearing aids don't handle the acoustics very well and I often don't understand the sermons.

I must also thank you for your wonderful blog. It's been on my daily rotation for a while, and I always enjoy seeing your commentary on various issues.