12 April 2011

Links to Some Favorite Posts

There was such a good discussion in the combox to the "Call for Clericalism?" post that I thought it might be good to have a permanent place at the sidebar to access some of the more popular posts or those that I like for weird reasons of my own.  You will find this collection over to the right of the blog, about halfway down.  I just put up a few as a start, but I will likely add some and rearrange the collection as I get time.

Even this exercise gave me a chuckle, as I read again my all-time favorite comment (other than the purely inside joke) from the last four-and-a-half years.  I won't link THAT post, as I don't want to get into that again.  But, here is the comment, by the ever-crunchy Reader X:

I hate you. You're evil. You're nothing but a slimy smut peddler. From now on I shall only come to this site with my eyes veiled and an aged eunuch at hand to first survey the heretofore questionable material for smut etc. before I dare gaze once more upon your creepy "wonderland". You sir are worse than Michael Jackson. I'll bet you're not wearing a dress below the neckline even as you read this are you?


Hieronymus said...

Wow! Venomous! I don't know how I missed that exchange, but I'm sorry I did. And what on earth was he/she/it talking about at the end? Not wearing a dress below the neckline? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Here's another story for your "State of Catholic Education" file:


LaSalle University is a "Catholic" university run by the Christian Brothers.

MrsC said...

haha - this is fun. Does this mean these old posts still have live comboxes? And if so, how would one know which combox is smoldering?

thetimman said...

Hieronymus, I think he was going for humor, and I think he succeeded, if the spray on my monitor was any indication.

Mrs. C, all comboxes are live unless I shut them down. One poor soul tried to post a comment to a post I made four years ago.

thetimman said...

And, wow, strippers at LaSalle?

Mother Crab said...

...aged eunuch at hand... is hilarious. Really, really hilarious. I want to meet this X one day, as he is able to make people laugh AND scream (latinmassgirl) at the same time. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Timman, you need to start a 'Best of' blog ... perhaps something like 'The Best of St. Louis Catholic' ... and for posters like Reader X, you can have 'The Best of Reader X'.

Maybe follow an SNL format ...


Athelstane said...

Hello Timman,

Wow. Quite a thread. I thought you handled that thread quite well - polite, balanced, thoughtful. Good work.

I am tempted to fall a little short of that, since I can't help but find it telling that your main interlocutor chose the nom de plume "Loisy." It seems to drop the mask a bit when one openly chooses for an identity an excommunicate heretic (and yes, that excommunication has never been lifted). Wasn't "Xavier Rynne" available?

Still, while it seems likely there is ample theological distance separating Loisy from some of us, I still can't help but think that in some respects he dislikes what he thinks traditionalism is, rather than what it really is - at least as understood by most of us posting here.