11 April 2011

Monsignor Calkins' Presentation on Marian Co-Redemption and Mediation-- UPDATE: Audio Link Available

The presentation on Marian Co-Redemption and Mediation by Monsignor Arthur B. Calkins this past Saturday at the Oratory was extraordinarily good.  First, I was impressed enough by the very large crowd that turned out for a Marian lecture on a beautiful Spring Saturday morning.  But the talk itself was fantastic-- not only informative but extremely interesting and edifying.  I don't have the audio of this talk, (UPDATE:  oh yes I do, thanks to the Institute.  Click here for the audio) but if you wish to hear, read or see a video of other presentations on this subject by Monsignor Calkins, go to this link.  You won't be disappointed.  St. Louis is blessed to have such a Marian scholar in residence here.

Thanks again to reader Phil, whose photo appears above. He continually saves readers from having to view the distressing product of my iPhone photographic "skills".

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