08 April 2011

What Can I Say?

Methodist Jim of all people tipped me off to this story and photo.  I guess it's topical, eh?  Maybe the Post assigns someone to read this blog.  Maybe the chancery does.  Maybe someone could print out the clericalism post, go to the marathon, and get His Excellency's autograph on it.  :-)  Bring it back for a free, one year subscription to Saint Louis Catholic blog.

I hereby call for Nike or Adidas to put out a clerics-only running attire.  Let's say black sweatpants with built-in baggy shorts at the top, and a polish tuxedo-style black t-shirt with faux-Roman collar.  For prelates an optional air-brushed pectoral cross.  When oh when will Corporate America respect our faith!!!?

From STLToday:

GO! marathon is a blessing for bishop

by Kathleen Nelson
Cross, ring, mitre, staff: symbols of the office that place Auxiliary Bishop Edward M. Rice near the head of the Roman Catholic Church in St. Louis. Rice will put them away Sunday morning - of all times - in favor of a T-shirt, baggy shorts and running shoes, the garb he will don for the GO! St. Louis half-marathon.

His job demands that he serve as a spiritual guide for approximately 440,000 Catholics. But for about two hours Sunday, he'll be content to be one of nearly 20,000 runners in the three races - marathon, half-marathon or marathon relay - that fill the streets of St. Louis as part of the GO! event. "There's something nice about being lost in a sea of humanity," he said. "There's so much positive energy."

Humanity and energy are among Rice's defining qualities, as is running. He took up cross country in high school and has completed three marathons, the fastest in 3 hours, 23 minutes. But just as he won't stick out from the crowd Sunday because of priestly garb, neither will he look the part of elite runner, clad in singlet and those tiny little shorts.

"No one wants to see that much of me," he said.